Early planned climate risk management enhances the minimization of negative consequences and identification of potential opportunities.   Its focus, along with mitigation, also makes it possible to take advantage of synergies and improve the cost-benefit relationship of the actions taken.

At Factor CO2, we have extensive experience in advising over 50 clients, both public and private, in understanding climate information and its implications.  We offer support in carrying out specialized studies on climate and vulnerability, as well as in the development of strategies and action plans for climate change adaptation.

In order to enhance climate change adaptation, we offer services ranging from specific studies on climate change in a given space to searching for funding to carry out actions that enhance climate risk management. 

  • Climate analysis. We conduct climate projections and studies custom made to different needs, developing ad hoc tools to model and statistically assess the climate information at different spatial and time frames. These studies are applicable when analysing the potential impact of activities related to climate, such as energy, tourism, or water management, among others.
  • Climate change vulnerability analysis. Based on the interpretation of the climate information, we analyse the level of vulnerability and the adaptive capacity of our clients, by applying proven methodologies that are internationally recognized. We also develop climate indicators that make it possible to compare different facts.
  • Climate risk management.  We advise our clients in identifying and determining actions that allow for better management of climate risks, as well as in planning strategies and action plans.  By applying financial analysis, we provide support in prioritizing the best options for climate change adaptation. In addition, we develop Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) systems to facilitate the follow up of the results.
  • Climate funding.  We develop funding strategies that enhance the implementation measures for climate change adaptation. Based on the analysis of the different sources, we make the necessary approaches and we guide our clients through the submission of applications. 

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