Carbon footprint in the production of various sectors of Ecuador

CORPEI Ecuardor
2016 - 2017

Through this project, the indicator of the carbon footprint of 9 products - seeds, flowers, plastics, wood, cocoa, shrimp, vegetable oil, tuna and processed and bananas - was implanted in Ecuador along 18 companies, With the particular aim of making them a reference for calculation in Latin America and in the sector in particular.

The results obtained are a solid basis for transferring knowledge about the implementation and management of the carbon footprint of various sectors in Ecuador, in order to prepare them for current and future requirements demanded by destination markets like Europe and the United States, mainly.

In addition, specific roadmaps were developed per company, and generals per product, with the objective of reducing the indicator of carbon footprint in each of them. To ensure the sustainability of the project, different work networks were generated, which will follow the evolution of this indicator in each of the companies included in the project. Likewise, training sessions were held, with great acceptance, for the agents involved.

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