Climate finance. A review.

26 July 2018 | Adaptation

Ekonomiaz's 93rd monograph, the Basque Journal of Economics, has just published an article by Iker Larrea, Partner and Director of Factor's Markets Division, Ibon Galarraga, Partner and General Director of Metroeconomica, and Kepa Solaun, Partner and General Director of Factor.

The article entitled: "Climate finance. A review", aims to provide an overview of "Climate Finance", a term that refers to the need to provide financial resources to fight climate change, in terms of both mitigation and adaptation. Strictly speaking, climate finance refers to international commitments made by developed countries since 2009.

From a theoretical point of view, climate finance opens interesting discussions with respect to the underlying reasons for «mitigation bias» (i.e. a preference for mitigation over adaptation), the global public good nature of adaptation to climate change and technology transfers as an alternative or supplement to financial transfers.

From a practical point of view, climate finance is concerned with gradually factoring climate issues into the financial system by creating «green» products and including climate risks in the financial disclosure obligations.

In conclusion, the article highlights the difficulties of a homogeneous definition, the description of financial flows, the imbalance between flows for mitigation and adaptation, some basic concepts that make up the theoretical basis, and the response of the financial sector.


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Source: Factor