Earth Day 2020, the need for actions to save the climate

22 April 2020 | Mitigation


Today, April 22, 50 years ago, we began to celebrate Earth Day, a day that reminds us of our responsibility to fight climate change and strike a balance between the environment, the economy, and the social needs.

In recent times, we have seen how environmental concerns were becoming more important on the political agenda, we began to take action on the matter, and certain agreements were reached with the aim of committing countries and companies to take actions to stop the climatic emergency.

This year, the celebration takes place in extraordinary circumstances, where the global health emergency has been placed logically in the foreground. But it is important that we do not forget where we come from, for various reasons.

First, because although the reduction in energy demand due to the economic crisis caused by the coronavirus has produced improvements in the environment, these are not structural and experience teaches us that emissions and environmental pollution will continue with renewed force once we get over this situation.

Second, because when we begin to put in place incentives and damage mitigation mechanisms, we cannot forget that, if we insist on the above policies, we will be exacerbating critical problems for our planet. The output of the previous crisis was through Keynesian measures that created employment and wealth in the short term, but they were depleted very quickly and produced many unwanted side effects in terms of environmental protection.

In this sense, it is important to highlight that moving towards a low carbon and resilient economy is a more sustainable recipe, but also a fairer and more effective way out of this situation.

 In Factor Ideas for change we are proud to collaborate and work in this direction for more than fifteen years, offering global solutions and innovative areas of climate change, energy, sustainability, trading or corporate social responsibility.


Kepa Solaun

General Director

Factor Ideas for change


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