European Workshop LIFE16 - Good Local Adapt (8, 9 and 10 May)

04 April 2019 | Adaptation

The "European Workshop LIFE16 - Good Local Adapt" will be held in Bilbao, Balmaseda and Amurrio, respectively, on 8, 9 and 10 of May.

The event, with a European focus, will be attended by representatives of various European projects focused on adaptation to climate change at local level, who will share experiences on tools, methodologies and pilot projects to support climate risk reduction in municipalities.

In addition, the progress of the Good Local Adapt (GLA) project will be presented, and on-site visits will be conducted to the prototypes to be developed in the municipalities of Balmaseda and Amurrio, to show the proposals for water management solutions, isolation and green infrastructure, customized for these municipalities participating in the GLA project.


In the following link you will find the program of the event: 



To register for the European workshop send us an email to the following address: red_gla@iamfactor.com (free assistance).


The "Good Local Adapt" project is a collaborative initiative led by Factor, made up of Gaiker, Createlli, Ekinn, Amurrio City Council, Balmaseda City Council, and Legazpi City Council. The project started in September 2017 and will run until September 2020 thanks to the financial support of the LIFE+ program, the European Commission's environmental financing instrument. More precisely, it was awarded within the line of adaptation to climate change of the 2016 Call.


For more information on the event and/or the progress of the Good Local Adapt project, click on the following link:




Source: Factor