Factor among the 70 Spanish companies to inspire Europe

06 September 2017 | Markets

Factor CO2 is one of the 70 Spanish companies selected by the London Stock Exchange Group, in the report: "1000 Companies to Inspire Europe" in its version of 2017.

The report is made by London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG) and aims to identify the most dynamic and fast-growing companies in Europe.

Factor CO2 has been recognized with 70 other Spanish SMEs, with an average of 45 million middle income and a growth of 118%.

The mention of Factor CO2 in the second edition of the report, which has the support of the European Financial Markets Association, the European Commission and the European Parliament, confirms its leadership in the sector, as a reference for small and medium-sized enterprises.


You can consult the full report at the following link:




Factor CO2 is specialized in providing ideas and services addressing climate change since 2004, through an extensive international network of offices and partners group.

Their main value is the people that conform it. His working method is based on offering specialized knowledge, with a deep insight into customer and an overall approach.



Source: Factor CO2