Factor becomes a partner of Forética

02 October 2017 | Adaptation

Factor joins Forética as a new partner, this is an entity of reference and of recognized prestige in the field of good business practices and sustainability, with the aim of optimizing and streamlining the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy.

With this partnership, Factor commits to the consolidation of responsible management, by further monitoring trends in CSR and supporting the promotion of strategic alliances in this area.

In addition, this partnership will provide innovative solutions to the daily challenges of business management, and in turn serves as a meeting point for the acquisition of knowledge and experience of the network of partners in Spain and Latin America.

Forética is the association of companies and professionals of corporate social responsibility, leader in Spain and Latin America, whose mission is to promote the integration of social, environmental and good governance aspects in the strategy and management of companies and organizations. Currently it is formed by more than 200 partners and has been chosen by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development as its only representative in Spain and therefore named Spanish Business Council for Sustainable Development.


Factor is an international group specialized in providing global, innovative and sustainable solutions in areas such as climate change, energy, sustainability, trading and internationalization.

Their main value is the people that conform it. His working method is based on offering specialized knowledge, with a deep insight into customer and an overall approach.



Source: Factor