Factor carries out results workshop of the Circular Economy study conducted for the CITE Network in Peru

17 December 2019 | Mitigation

The study "Evaluation of the needs and capacities in Circular Economy of the innovation services of the CITE Network in Peru to determine the best way to integrate the theme in the Network" is carried out within the framework of the project "Integration of the energy  and environmental dimensions in the PCP Peru " seeking for Peru to make a productive transition of its economy towards an economic, environmental and socially sustainable industrialization. The project is a joint initiative between the Technological Institute of Production (ITP) and the United Nations Organization for Industrial Development (UNIDO).

The study aims to analyze the CITE network in an effort to advise and determine the best approach to incorporate the Circular Economy  into the CITE network, managing to determine if the Circular Economy will be integrated with the creation of a new CITE or if It will be integrated across the existing CITE network. The compenies in charge of study are Factor and Metroeconomic.

In this context, on December 12, 2019, the results workshop was held to present the best approach to integrate the Circular Economy into the CITE network, exposing and feedbacking the results with a broad participating audience. The event was attended by 60 attendees from at least 15 sectors, including government, academia and associations.

During the workshop, the results of the evaluation of the current capacities of the CITE network in relation to the pillars of the circular economy were presented: creative effort, collective effort and cultural change. To identify the degree of integration of the circular economy in the network and its productive activity, a series of field visits were carried out, as well as work meetings that allowed contrasting the information collected and preparing a proposal to move towards an integration of the circular economy in the network.

Also, on December 13, a training and results contrast workshop was developed, aimed at an institutional public of the ITP, in which 41 attendees participated, presenting and contrasting the advantages and disadvantages of creating a new independent public or private CITE and the option of integrating the circular economy into the network through the mainstreaming of the elements of the circular economy in the existing CITE network.

The team of Factor at the head of Carmelo Angulo, in charge of the area of Circular Economy, and Dayana Vega, Senior Consultant of Factor, together with a group of national consultants and experts, were in charge of carrying out this workshop that yields clear results for the incorporation of the Circular Economy in the CITE network.


Factor has 15 years of experience offering technical consulting services in the areas of adaptation and mitigation to climate change, carbon footprint, sustainability, circular economy, CSR, among others, both for governments and international organizations, as well as for more than 400 companies.


Source: Factor