Factor CO2 develops a first contrast study of the index of vulnerability to climate change in the Metropolitan Area of the Western Region of São Paulo (Brazil)

23 November 2016 | Mitigation

São Paulo, November 23, 2016. Factor CO2 has been the Consulting Firm selected to develop a study that responds and prepares the West Region of São Paulo for the expected consequences of climate change, supported by the Latin American Development Bank (CAF).

This initiative highlights the leadership of sub-national entities in the fight against climate change at the global level. Recently, with the entry into force of the Paris Agreement in November 2016, local actors are seen as key players in international negotiations to meet countries' commitments to mitigation and adaptation of the effects of climate change.

Yesterday, Kepa Solaun, Partner and General Director of Factor CO2, presented in São Paulo the workshop of contrast of first results of the developed index.

Thus, Factor CO2 will keep working with local agents to develop a climate strategy at the local level with a clear vision in the implementation of measures to help increase the resilience of the area to possible intense and frequent climate events.

In this context, the project aims to identify measures to adapt to climate change in the Metropolitan Area of the Western Region of São Paulo, based on a vulnerability analysis by zones, containing the environmental, economic and social dimensions of So as to increase the resilience of the region to extreme events of climate change.

This objective is sought through an analysis of vulnerability by zones of the Metropolitan Area of the Western Region of São Paulo in the face of climate change, identifying areas, areas and priority aspects of intervention. Subsequently, adaptation measures will be identified for the areas and aspects identified as priorities. The results obtained will be validated with experts and relevant entities of Brazil in this area.

Factor CO2 will also contribute to the transfer of knowledge and training of the local agents involved in the implementation of the climate action plan in order to ensure its involvement and promote its membership in the project. Finally, the organization will carry out specific feasibility analyzes for a selection of measures with greater potential for implementation.


Factor CO2 is specialized in providing ideas and services addressing climate change since 2004, through an extensive international network of offices and partners group.




Source: Factor CO2