Factor CO2 develops the first participatory sessions for the LIFE Good Local Adapt project

16 March 2018 | Adaptation | 1

Throughout the months of March and April the first sessions of information and citizen participation of the LIFE project "Good Local Adapt" will be held in the municipalities of Legazpi, Balmaseda and Amurrio, this with the purpose of achieving participation, citizen involvement and public reach towards adaptation to climate change in small and medium-sized municipalities.

The project "Good Local Adapt" is a collaborative initiative led by Factor CO2, with Gaiker, PH +, Ekinn, the City Council of Amurrio, the City Council of Balmaseda and the City Council of Legazpi. The project started in September 2017 and will be developed until September 2020 thanks to the financial support of the LIFE + program, the financing instrument for the environment of the European Commission. More precisely, it was awarded within the line of adaptation to climate change of the 2016 Call.

The objectives of these first sessions of information and citizen participation of the project are:

  • Raise awareness of the consequences of climate change at the local level, its impacts and the need (and opportunity) for adaptation through urban design and planning solutions, applicable at the local level and within the context of each of the three participating municipalities (Amurrio, Balmaseda, Legazpi). Emphasis will be placed on the risks associated with the increase in episodes of extreme heat and drought/water scarcity.
  • Identify the needs and opportunities of traditional or innovative adaptation solutions in relation to urban design and planning, building rehabilitation, water management, etc.
  • Contrast and prioritize with the citizens the concrete solutions to be used at the local level (by public and/or private initiatives). Inform about the contents, applied to each concrete demonstrative case. In Amurrio, to the public space in Landako and Goikolarra, in Balmaseda, the medieval quarter (public space and buildings) and in Legazpi, public space and buildings of San Ignazio, San Jose, Arantzazu and San Martín.
  • Conduct a collective diagnosis on the needs and opportunities for the implementation of specific adaptation measures for each case.

After these first sessions, the results obtained will be analyzed and synthesized in relation to the needs and opportunities for adaptation measures in public space and buildings, for each demonstration neighborhood.

Within the framework of the project, two sessions for each municipality are contemplated, with the objective of the second being the development of collaborative and consensual proposals and obtaining proposals for design solutions and urban planning to adapt to climate change for the different challenges of each neighborhood. demonstrative, contrasted and consensual with the local citizenship. The second sessions will be held throughout the months of April and May.


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Source: Factor CO2