Factor CO2 holds the conference for the elaboration of a Circular Economy Strategy of Gijón

07 November 2018 | Mitigation | 2

Yesterday, Tuesday 6 November, the team of Factor CO2, held the conference: "Elaboration of a Circular Economy Strategy of Gijón", in Gijón, Asturias.

The conference organized by Emulsa Medio Ambiente, Gijón City Council, Factor CO2 and Metroeconomica, aimed to present the state of the art of the circular economy in Gijón and the diagnosis made on the circular initiatives of the city, to verify the feasibility and interest in measures by key players of the strategic axes defined.

The team of Factor CO2, represented by Asier Sopelana, partner and responsible for projects and Carmelo Angulo, associate consultant, as well as the team of Metroeconomica, represented by Ibon Galarraga, partner and general director, were responsible for presenting the results obtained in the analysis so far.

After the presentations, a group work was carried out to obtain the feedback of the diagnosis elaborated on the detected circular initiatives, and to identify those initiatives that could be implemented in the future.

The work groups carried out were divided into the following themes:

  • Urbanism and Mobility
  • Energy Efficiency and Environmental Sustainability.
  • Healthy Living (Talent, Business, Culture and Tourism).

At the end of the event, the conclusions of each of the work groups were presented and the next steps for the project were established.


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Source: Factor CO2