Factor CO2: Key points of the COP22 in Marrakech

28 November 2016 | Mitigation

On the occasion of the recent conclusion of the COP22 in Marrakesh (From November 7th to 18th), Factor CO2 presents a summary of the key points of the Marrakech climate summit:

International relations:

It has opened a new era in international negotiations to combat climate change and it outlined new leadership and alliances to champion the transition to a low carbon economy that the Paris Agreement pursues.

The Shadow of Trump:

The election of the new US president, Donald Trump, was a major concern for the countries attending, which feared for the future of the Global Climate Agreement.

Chinese diplomats spoke of assuming "moral leadership" of the process while Russia remained unusually silent, at a time when Putin's words would have been a strategic move.

Paris resists:

The Paris Accord added 11 new ratifications at COP22, achieving a total of 113 ratifications of countries that already represent almost 80% of global emissions.

Minimum Developments:

The Paris Agreement was left without specifics on how to do things like the reporting and review of emissions reduction commitments. The first steps taken in Marrakech to define these rules have been "minimal".

Strategies for decarbonization:

Germany, Mexico, and Canada established their roadmap for 2050, and the “2050 Pathways Platform” was launched to help other countries do so as well. 22 countries - including the United Kingdom, 15 cities and 196 companies are committed to formulating their long-term goals to date.

Renewable energy:

The Forum on Climate Vulnerability was created, bringing together 47 of the world's poorest countries, pledging to generate 100% of their energy from renewable energies as soon as possible, as well as to update their NDCs by 2020 and to prepare their strategies to long term.


A work program has been agreed until 2018 to finalize these standards over the next two years.





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