Factor CO2: Key points of the COP23 in Bonn

24 November 2017 | Adaptation

On the occasion of the recent conclusion of the COP23 in Bonn, Germany (From November 6th to 17th), Factor CO2 presents a summary of the key points of the Bonn climate summit:


The isolationism of the USA:

Although Trump’s administration officials reiterated the intention of the United States to exit the Paris Agreement, many of its negotiators worked to keep options open and were fully engaged in the different assemblies.

On the other hand, under the slogan "We Are Still In" a coalition of numerous American congressmen, governors, mayors, businessmen, scientists and NGOs was formed, demonstrating the continuous commitment that exists in the United States for compliance with the Paris Agreement and the actions taken against climate change.

Additionally, initiatives such as the "North American Climate Leadership Alliance" that includes Canada, Mexico and 15 US states, were formed.

The future of coal:

Although countries such as Germany and the United States were under the eye of the hurricane due to their lack of commitment to phase out coal, important alliances were born, such as "Powering Past Coal Alliance" conformed by Canada, the United Kingdom and other 20 countries and states, which commit themselves to phase out coal plants without carbon capture and storage.

Dialogue of Talanoa:

The creation of a "facilitative dialogue", which aims to review the progress of countries in meeting their long-term mitigation goals of the Paris agreement and prelude to countries submitting a new round of nationally determined contributions(NDCs) for 2020.

This dialogue seeks the inclusion of a civil society agents.

The Paris rulebook:

The detailed rules, guidelines and procedures for implementing the Paris Agreement are colloquially known as the "Paris rulebook".

The Bonn summit marked the transition from the conceptual to the technical phase in the book of rules. Some of the main topics addressed were: mitigation, transparency, the global stocktake, finance, among others.


A work program towards COP 24 in Katowice, Poland, has been agreed, with intercessions throughout 2018 to specify actions prior to the summit.




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