Factor CO2 launches its new web site

27 April 2016

The new web site will place greater emphasis on social networks and information about the company´s projects at the same time that the new corporate image of Factor CO2 is updated.

After an intense process of internal reflection, Factor CO2 has posed new challenges in how to approach its services according to emerging needs in the international market, enhancing its working areas and creating new ones. This process is reflected in its new brand image through which it seeks to convey the strength backed by its experience as well as the innovation that the company has always faced new challenges with.

The new web site is more interactive and offers more possibilities to interact with the user. Furthermore, the presence of social networks owns power and more information about the activity of the company.

This new phase follows new targets according to the continuous growth of the organization and promotes new fields. With a new image of Factor CO2 and its integration into the Factor Group, the organization aims to offer new solutions beyond those related to climate change.

In this area, without losing its identity, Factor CO2 will remain specialized in providing solutions related to climate change, such as climate strategies, climatological studies, risk and adaptation analysis, carbon footprint calculation, consulting on carbon credits or reduction mechanisms, among others.