Factor CO2 offers technical assistance in the low carbon development of Bogor, Indonesia

12 May 2016 | Mitigation

Factor CO2 develops two participatory workshops on 9th and 10th May within the framework of the Energy and Climate Action Plan in Bogor.

Bangkok, 12th May 2016. Factor CO2 has been the consultancy chosen to develop the Energy and Climate Action Plan promoted by the French Development Agency in the city of Bogor, located in the South of Yakarta, Indonesia.

In the development of a low carbon city, Factor CO2 is offering technical assistance to the local government of Bogor in the elaboration of an energy and climate strategy. This initiative´s main aims are focused, on the one hand, on the evaluation of the city climate profile and, on the other hand, on the identification and implementation of measures that will contribute to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) and increase the climate resilience of the city.

Besides, the project also includes the analysis and identification of measures for the reduction of energy consumption, and it expects to promote long-term energy saving initiatives and investments in Bogor.

Furthermore, the development of the energy and climate strategy has been complemented by two successful participatory workshops that took place on 9th and 10th May. In these workshops, inputs from various experts in the field were collected to strengthen the strategy and ensure its implementation in the long term.

Currently, Factor CO2 continues working on the development of the energy and climate strategy of Bogor, which is expected to be completed by the end of the year.


SOURCE: Factor CO2