Factor CO2 organizes a citizen roundtable for the Climate Change Adaptation Plan of the municipality of Murcia

30 June 2017 | Adaptation

Yesterday, Thursday, June 29, Factor CO2 organized, together with the ALEM Service of the City of Murcia, a Citizen Participation Roundtable to consult some of the measures proposed in the Climate Change Adaptation Plan of the municipality of Murcia.

The roundtable of citizen participation had the objective of discussing the actions that will be carried out, in terms of adaptation to climate change, so that they adapt as best as possible to the reality of citizenship.

Some of the topics consulted to get to know the current concerns of the citizens and the perception of the future needs of the municipality were:

  • Social welfare and the economic dynamics of the territory, considering aspects such as energy poverty, social and sanitary conditions of the population, city organization and public services, the change of agricultural model for its revitalization and the promotion of tourism.
  • The preservation of the services provided to the population by natural resources such as biodiversity and water, considering, for example, the need to protect the natural heritage of the orchard.

After explaining the consequences of climate change in different sectors of society and carrying out a questionnaire assessing adaptation measures, Julie Urban, Senior Consultant of Factor CO2, coordinated the dynamics of the roundtable, to establish the measures to be taken into account in the development of the Adaptation Plan.


Factor CO2 is a group specialized in providing ideas and services in the face of climate change since 2004, through a wide international network of offices and collaborators.




Source: Factor CO2