Factor CO2 participates in the event: Ensuring the resilience of the Basque territory to climate change in Bilbao

08 October 2018 | Adaptation | 1

Last week Factor CO2 participated in the event: "Ensuring the resilience of the Basque territory to climate change" which was held in the Euskalduna Palace, Bilbao.

The aim of the event, organized by Ihobe, the public environmental management society of the Basque Government, was to publicize the support tools available to the Basque Government for the deployment of the KLIMA 2050 strategy, the forecasting of climate scenarios, the calculation of climate risk, as well as some practical cases of adaptation at the local level.

The team of  Factor represented by Malake Muñoz, responsible for Factor CO2 projects, gave a presentation on the project "Life Good Local Adapt".

The "Good Local Adapt" project is a collaborative initiative led by Factor CO2, and made up of Gaiker, Createlli, Ekinn, Amurrio City Council, Balmaseda City Council and Legazpi City Council. The project started in September 2017 and will be carried out until September 2020 thanks to the financial support of the LIFE program, the European Commission's environmental financing instrument.


Factor CO2 is a group specialized in providing ideas and services on climate change since 2004, through an extensive international network of offices and partners.


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Malake Muñoz




Source: Factor CO2