Factor CO2 performs the last group session with the EACCEL Entities in the Calculation of their Carbon Footprint

20 June 2017 | Mitigation | 2

As part of the project “Tending EACCEL Entities in the Calculation of their Carbon Footprint", carried out by Factor CO2, today, June 20th 2017, the last session with the companies participating in the Community of Aragon is held.

The Aragonese Strategy for Climate Change and Clean Energies (EACCEL) is a proposal of the Government of Aragon that addresses the general references that place climate change in the specific context of Aragon. The EACCEL is conceived as a dynamic process, in the measure that companies and entities have been adhering to it through its own Action Plans.

During this last session Asier Sopelana, partner and project manager of Factor CO2, together with Andoni Pagola, Consultant of Factor CO2, will present the results of the calculation made for the registration of all of the companies in the Carbon Footprint, Compensation and Absorption of carbon dioxide of the Spanish Office of Climate Change (OECC).

After a first group meeting that unified knowledge about the carbon footprint and that sought to create a definition of the scope of carbon footprint studies in each organization. An individual meeting was held with each of them to collect the necessary data and to prepare all the material necessary to enter the Registry.

The final session will analyze the results achieved and describe the steps to follow for the registration process in the Carbon Footprint, Compensation and Carbon Dioxide Absorption Projects of the Spanish Office of Climate Change (OECC) and where also the benefits and the main knowledge to use will be shown.


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Asier Sopelana




Source: Factor CO2