Factor CO2 presents the Guide of Environmental Footprint for products of the Coffee Producing Sector in Honduras

19 December 2016 | Mitigation

Last week was the presentation of the Guide of Environmental Footprint: products of the coffee producing sector in Honduras, which has been promoted by the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC).

The objective of the project is to obtain an application guide in the coffee sector in order to optimize the process of data collection for the calculation of the environmental footprint. To this end, a pilot project has been developed with the IHCAFÉ of Honduras in order to evaluate and improve the information and knowledge available to develop the environmental footprint of the product, according to the methodology proposed by the European Commission.

Some of the actions that will be carried out in the development of the project are:

  • Evaluation of the information available in the productive coffee sector of Honduras.
  • Support in the implementation of a training workshop for the technical crew in the collection, validation and use of sectoral information.
  • Design of a basic guide for the collection and validation of the data necessary for calculating the environmental impact of coffee in accordance with European regulations that can be used by other countries in the network.

Asier Sopelana, partner and project manager of Factor CO2, along with Rubén Gallozzi, senior consultant associate of Factor CO2, attended the ECLAC headquarters in Santiago de Chile to proceed with the launch of the project.


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Asier Sopelana





Source: Factor CO2