Factor CO2 presents the key factors of climate change to the Cereals Sector in Madrid

19 October 2016 | Mitigation

Factor CO2 attends the forum of the Spanish Association of Technicians of the Cereal Sector (AETC) on Wednesday October 19th in Madrid, in order to explain the impacts of climate change on the cereals sector.

During his presentation Asier Sopelana, partner and project manager of Factor CO2, explained issues such as the integration of agriculture into national adaptation plans and the benefits associated with the calculation of the carbon, water and environmental footprint to improve the sustainability of the companies of the sector.

Other topics covered in this presentation were the importance of food security in the Paris Agreement and the approach that the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) will make at the next UN climate summit in Marrakech (COP22) to provide technical assistance in agriculture.


Factor CO2 is specialized in providing ideas and services addressing climate change since 2004, through an extensive international network of offices and partners group.

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Asier Sopelana




Source: Factor CO2