Factor CO2 presents the report: Keys of the entry into force of the Paris Agreement

03 November 2016 | Adaptation

Madrid, November 3, 2016. Due to the imminent entry into force tomorrow, Friday 4 November, of the Paris Agreement, Factor CO2 presented today in Madrid the report: "Keys of the entry into force of the Paris Agreement."

The presentation, of the report to the media, took place at Escuela de Organización Industrial (EOI). Kepa Solaun, Director General of Factor CO2 explained the current situation of the Paris Agreement and its overall and particular objectives of the countries that have ratified their commitment against climate change.

The Paris Agreement is an important step in action from world leaders to climate change. Defines a before and after in international climate commitments, so it is of great importance to understand where it comes from and its reach.


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Source: Factor CO2