Factor CO2 presents the Smart City manual of the Granada Provincial Council

29 June 2018 | Mitigation | 1

This week Factor CO2 attended the Conference: "Municipalities that make Europe: Intelligent solutions for the municipalities of the province of Granada", organized by the Granada Provincial Council and the Europe Direct information point for the province of Granada.

The conference, aimed at all local and supramunicipal entities of the province, as well as the business sector, aimed to deepen the possibilities that the implementation of technological solutions offers municipalities for the efficient and sustainable management of their municipal services.

The day's program consisted of three phases. The first one was aimed at contextualizing the opportunities that the implementation of intelligent solutions offers to improve municipal management. The second was focused on deepening the strategies that are being implemented at the national and regional levels in this regard. And the third part focused on disseminating good practices from municipalities that have successfully implemented intelligent management initiatives in a multitude of fields of municipal management.

The team of Factor CO2, represented by Julie Urban, senior consultant, attended the conference to present together with David Fernández Caldera, Environmental Technician at the Granada Provincial Council, the Smart City Good Practices Manual for small and medium-sized municipalities that are being developed within the framework of the GRAMAS Network.


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Source: Factor CO2