Factor CO2 presents the workshop: Assessment of mitigation options to support the transition to low carbon pathways, in the Bahamas

11 April 2017 | Mitigation

Today, Tuesday, April 11th, 2017, the workshop: “Assessment of mitigation options to support the transition to low carbon pathways" will be held in the Bahamas. This workshop is part of the project of Factor CO2 with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).

The “Caribbean Climate Smart Islands Programme" is expected to examine priority sectors in which low carbon and climate resilient measures can be implemented in at least the transportation, infrastructure, energy, water resources, waste treatment and tourism sectors, utilizing pilot islands in Belize and the Bahamas. The identified measures will be analyzed from a cost-benefit perspective and commercial potential in order to prioritize highlighting cost recovery rates.

The objective of the workshop is to evaluate the prioritization process of the proposed mitigation measures and the validation of the results obtained within the pilot project.

The validation workshop will be carried out with the presence of local and national stakeholders to evaluate the prioritization methodologies followed for the selection of the pilot mitigation project on Harbour Island.

The team of Factor CO2 represented by Iker Larrea, Partner and Head of the Carbon Markets Division, will have two interventions in the event to present the cost-effectiveness analysis and cost-benefit analysis, and multicriteria analysis.


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Source: Factor CO2