Factor CO2 provides training courses on environmental sustainability, circular economy and responsible consumption for the tourism sector

21 May 2019 | Mitigation

This week the Factor CO2 team, represented by Carmelo Angulo, head of circular economy, will conduct one of the four days of training of the course: "Environmental sustainability, circular economy and responsible consumption in operations and establishments of the tourism sector", aimed at unemployed people in Castilla La Mancha, Extremadura and Galicia.

The courses, which will take place from 20 to 23 May, include topics as important as measuring and offsetting carbon footprint, energy and water consumption or waste management. It is taught by 3 leading expert entities in the field such as KOAN Consulting (responsible tourism), Factor CO2 (mitigation and adaptation to climate change) and COPADE (Fair Trade and Responsible Consumption).

These courses are part of the "Employability and Sustainable Tourism" project developed by the COPADE Foundation, within the Biodiversity Foundation's empleaverde program, financed by the European Social Fund, which is aimed at contributing to the transition towards a new environmentally sustainable model from companies in the tourism sector.

Specifically, the project focuses on the development of training processes for unemployed people interested in developing professionally in the tourism sector in order to enter the labor market with the ability to facilitate the transition of tourism enterprises towards a circular and environmentally sustainable economy.

The general objectives of the training are:

  • To manage concepts and apply fundamental tools of Circular Economy, Responsible Consumption and environmental sustainability to be applied in tourist operations and establishments.
  • To develop specific capacities ("green skills") that allow the participants to identify needs and to execute improvement actions in the companies of the sector, as well as to communicate them adequately to the clients during the performance of their functions.


Since 2004, Factor has been offering technical consulting services in the areas of climate change adaptation and mitigation, climate finance, carbon footprint, sustainability, circular economy, among others, for governments and international organizations, as well as for more than 400 companies.



Source: Factor