Factor conducts technical training to Cohonducafé about Environmental Footprint Tool with UTZ and Rainforest Alliance certification

22 October 2019 | Mitigation | 3

Between October 21 and 23, the Factor team, represented by Asier Sopelana, Partner and Project Manager, is participating in a series of workshops to raise awareness about the use of the environmental footprint in general and the application to the coffee sector in particular.

In the first day of the workshop, the objective is to train the technicians of Cohonducafé, a pilot company of UTZ and Rainforest Alliance in which this indicator was implemented. Sopelana will present the first results of the pilot they are developing and will work on a series of dynamics to improve the process of implementing the indicator.

In addition, this week Factor will conduct a series of talks on  environmental footprint to members of the UTZ and Rainforest Alliance certification program in Honduras, which are aimed at the coffee sector of this Latin American country. As well as to exporters that are under the scheme of UTZ and Rainforest Alliance or not.

The objective of the project is to test the product category rule developed by the European Union for coffee and develop its particular standard for the stage in the green coffee value chain, thus being able to be implemented in sustainable coffee of UTZ and Rainforest Alliance.

The leading factor team of Asier Sopelana, together with a group of national consultants and experts, will be responsible for carrying out this series of workshops that will bring the project to an end.


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Source: Factor