Factor conducts the first workshop of the Circular Economy project for the CITE Network in Peru

17 September 2019 | Mitigation | 6

The study “Evaluation of the needs and capacities in Circular Economy of the innovation services of the CITE Network in Peru to determine the best way to integrate the theme in the Network” has as main objective to analyse the CITE network in an effort to advise and determine the best approach to incorporate the Circular Economy into the  network, managing to determine if the Circular Economy will be integrated with the creation of a new CITE (Centre for Productive Innovation and Technology Transfer, by its acronym in Spanish) or if it will be integrated across the existing CITE network.

Through an evidence-based analysis, the best approach to integrate the principles and practices of the Circular Economy into the CITE network will be determined. The organisations Factor and Metroeconomica are in charge of developing the study.

In this context, on August 21, 2019, the preparation workshop and the start of the study were carried out to provide feedback on the activities and the proposed methodological scope, in order to collect data and information on ongoing or planned activities on Circular Economy in the Network CITE.

Likewise, from August 22 to 28, the evaluation phase was carried out for which six CITEs were visited, focused on the agro-industrial, wood, energy, productive, leather-footwear and fishing sectors. In the evaluation phase, work meetings have been held with representatives of the CITE, ITP (Production Technological Institute, by its acronym in Spanish) and UNIDO (the United Nations Industrial Development Organization) to learn more about their structure, institutional strengths, competencies, value chain, circular economy projects and strengths, and weaknesses of their current management model.

This study is carried out within the framework of the project “Integration of the energy and environmental dimension in the PCP Peru” that seeks to ensure that Peru makes a productive transition of its economy towards an economic, environmental and socially sustainable industrialization. The project is a joint initiative between the ITP and the UNIDO.



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