Factor launches the bi-monthly newsletter of “Municipal Innovation and Sustainability

04 May 2017 | Adaptation

Factor with the aim of providing up-to-date information to the municipal administrations on trends in climate, energy, sustainability and innovation, launches the newsletter "Municipal Innovation and Sustainability".

Every two months we will approach the public administrations to inform them about the most important news in these areas, the result of the research work and the fieldwork of our specialized team.

We will pay special attention to the most innovative projects, as well as calls for projects and funding opportunities, both at local and national level, and at European level.


Factor is considered the firm of reference for more than 230 local entities in climate change, energy and sustainability projects, carrying out Sustainable Energy Action Plans, offering technical assistance for the realization of GHG Emission Inventory and risk analysis Climatic, among others.

This positioning has allowed us to work for many entities such as the European Commission (EC), multilateral banks and specialized agencies or United Nations programs.


If you wish to subscribe to the newsletter send us an email to the following address:




Source: Factor