Factor offset carbon footprint of the event: Aterrizando la Economía Circular

05 November 2019 | Mitigation

On October 9, 2019, the Factor team held the event: "Jornada Aterrizando la Economía Circular - Estrategia, Gestión y Verificación” at the Escuela de Organización Industrial (EOI), in Madrid. The carbon footprint of this event was compensated with the support of Aenor.

The event, organized by Factor, offered the keys to how to implement and adapt the Circular Economy (CE) to the productive processes of organizations, how to manage these changes within the value chain and how to verify the impacts of the implementation of a strategy of this type taking into account recent regulations of the European Union and Spain.

The agenda of the event included the presentation of the event by the EOI; the presentation of the road map of Spain and the European Union in terms of Circular Economy by Francisco Javier Cachón, General Director of Biodiversity and Environmental Quality of the Ministry of Ecological Transition; the presentation of the practical model of the CE by Carmelo Angulo, Head of the Area of Circular Economy of Factor, and the presentation of methods of verification of the CE by José Magro Gonzalez, Manager of Sustainability and CSR of Aenor.

In addition, it was attended by representatives of companies such as Iberdrola (Isabel Tomé Esteban, Coordinator of Circular Economy), Ferrovial (Beatriz Castillo, Responsible for Circular Economy - Center for Environmental Skills) and Sidikai (Mariana Gramunt, founder), which presented the success stories of their companies in the application of this initiative.

Finally, to close the day, the event's carbon footprint offset was made through the intervention of José Magro González (Aenor). 



Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, although generated at a specific point, are dispersed in the atmosphere globally. That is why GHG emissions in Spain have the same effect as emissions anywhere else on the planet.

There are actions to contribute to the reduction of emissions, such as the production of electricity through renewable sources. However, the efforts made are not always sufficient. When carrying out this type of action is not possible, emission compensation is the solution, through collaboration and assistance in the development of emission reduction projects.


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Source: Factor CO2