Factor participates in the event: ECOCIUDADES - First meeting of sustainable cities in Ecuador

30 May 2018 | Mitigation

Today, May 30 and tomorrow, May 31, Factor will participate in the ECOCIUDADES event, the first meeting of sustainable cities to be held in Ecuador, which will take place in the city of Loja.

ECOCIUDADES is an initiative of the private sector and the municipality of Loja. Within the framework of ECOCIUDADES, strategies will be defined for the planning and construction of sustainable cities, to encourage public and private companies to offer new and better services to citizens and cities, in order to achieve a balance between the environment and natural resources.

The initiative will be attended by representatives of local governments, private companies, universities and NGOs, who will discuss topics of great importance for the construction of sustainable cities, such as: appropriate and efficient waste management, promotion of more sustainable means of transport or promotion of healthy and inclusive spaces for citizens, among others.

The Factor team, represented by Ángel Valverde, Associate Senior Consultant, will make two interventions. The first will be a keynote speech explaining the challenges for cities in terms of sustainability, the importance of sustainable development, climate change and SDGs and the current state of sustainable development in the world.

In addition, he will be speaking at a panel discussion on the measurement of carbon emissions and air quality, within the module on urban sustainability.


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Source: Factor