Factor participates in the implementation of an EMS in print media companies

06 April 2017 | Mitigation


The work within the EMSPI project has led to the successful implementation of energy management systems in 100 printing companies in five countries (Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Czech Republic and Spain).

The results for achieved energy savings achieved are good, leading to savings of approximately 40,000 GJ during the duration of the project. As regards the potential CO2 reduction the result so far are also very promising: this seems to be heading for more than 5,000 tons of CO2.

When we take into account the possible energy savings identified and included in the action plans of the companies, we will reach even higher savings. Assuming that part of the energy saving measures identified in each of the companies could be implemented, we will reach the following results for the period 2013- 2017:

  • Energy consumption reduction of 127 000 GJ (a 14% reduction in 2017 compared to 2013)
  • Reduction of 13 300 ton of CO2 (a 14% reduction).
  • Energy cost savings of 2 140 000 € (a 12% reduction of costs)


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ENVIROS, Czech Republic, is a leading consulting company providing assistance mainly in the field of energy, environmental and business consultancy.

FACTOR, Spain, is well recognized for its knowledge on developing and applying climate change policies, mitigation and energy efficiency assessments.

INNOWISE, Germany, is a research & consultancy company with special expertise in innovation management, knowledge & technology transfer.

GRAKOM (Graphic Association Denmark), Denmark, is the principal organization for Danish graphic companies composed by graphic production companies producing printed and electronic products.

DIENSTENCENTRUM, The Netherlands, supports around 400 media enterprises per year (mainly SME’s) in their management of their business. Dienstencentrum is also coordinator of the EMSPI Project.



Source: Factor