Factor participates in the panel: “How to scale up and down the practical implementation of the circular economy in CEFA2017, in Medellin

01 December 2017 | Adaptation

On Thursday, November 30, Factor participated in the panel entitled: “How to scale up and down the practical implementation of the circular economy" in the Circular Economy Forum of the Americas (CEFA2017) in Medellin, Colombia.

This panel was held as part of the alternative event “Caribbean Basin Sustainable Islands Initiative - Cutting edge thinking on Circular Economy and Island territories" of CEFA2017, and aimed to present a debate on the possible models to be used in the implementation of the economy circular in the island territories.

Luis Sierra, consultant of Factor based in Trinidad and Tobago, participated in the panel of experts presenting examples of practical projects of circular economy models from an approach adapted for their implementation in insular territories, mainly in the islands located in the Caribbean. Finally, his presentation included conclusions on the opportunities and challenges that the islands have in the application of these models.


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Source: Factor