Factor participates in the seminar: The energy transition towards a 100 x 100 renewable model in Madrid

08 May 2017 | Mitigation

Today, Monday May 8, 2017, the seminar "The energy transition towards a 100 x 100 renewable model" will be held in Madrid, organized by the newspaper El Economista.

The meeting consists of a debate that addresses the relevance of the renewable energy sector both in Spain and at a global level, being one of the most efficient and necessary measures of transition to a low carbon economy.

The team of Factor, represented by Iria Flavia Peñalva, partner and responsible for Factor CO2 projects, will participate in the discussion table where they will discuss topics like measures to reactivate the renewable sector in Spain, the international panorama of the sector, Measures taken to achieve leadership, Spain's commitments in the field of renewable energy, measures developed by the European Union to lead the fight against climate change, auctions mechanism, among others.


Factor has experience in more than 40 countries we help both public and private sector clients to design and implement regulatory frameworks to progress with energy transition, and to develop new business models.



Source: Factor