Factor participates in the XII Congress of the Spanish Association for Energy Economics in Salamanca

03 February 2017 | Mitigation

The Spanish Association for Energy Economics (AEEE), in collaboration with the Department of Economics and Economic History of the University of Salamanca, held the XII Congress on February 2nd and 3rd, 2017 in Salamanca.

The AEEE is the Spanish division of the International Association for Energy Economics (IAEE) and, among its activities, promotes the organization of an annual congress on Energy Economics. The AEEE congress aims to create links between the public, private and academic sectors, within the framework of Energy Economics, the Environment and Climate Change.

The main focus of this edition of the Congregation is Climate Change and, in particular, the policies on Climate Change and the CO2 emission rights (EUAs), under the implementation of the Paris Agreement.

Kepa Solaun, Partner and Managing Director of Factor, had a participation in the section of renewable energies, where he presented a case study in southern Spain, focused on the impact of climate change on hydroelectric power generation.


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Source: Factor