Factor presents the results of the project Study on the Economics of Climate Adaptation (ECA) in San Salvador, Bahamas

12 September 2018 | Adaptation | 5

Last week the team of Factor was on the island of San Salvador and in the city of Nassau, Bahamas, presenting the results of the project "Study on the Economics of Climate Adaptation (ECA) in San Salvador, Bahamas".

The project had two main objectives, the first was the development of a study on the economics of climate adaptation to identify the main impacts of climate change on the island, the associated costs and possible adaptation measures to make it a more resilient place. The second objective was to develop a study of the ecosystem-based services of the island (EBS), to identify the services they provide and their impact on the economy of San Salvador.

The team of Factor, represented by Kepa Solaun, Partner and General Director, and Susana González, consultant, organized, together with the Institute of Environmental Hydraulics of the University of Cantabria (IH Cantabria) and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), two workshops, one in Nassau and one in San Salvador, for the presentation of the results of the project to various institutions of the Government of Bahamas, academia and representatives of the community of San Salvador.

The main objective of the workshops was to provide feedback among the different stakeholders of the project on the results obtained during the project, and to identify possible adjustments to be made.

The first of the workshops was held in Nassau on September 5 and consisted of a presentation of the results, with Q&A sessions and dialogue with the attendees.

The second workshop, held in San Salvador on Friday 7 September, consisted of a workshop with community leaders on the island, in which a multi-criteria analysis exercise was carried out to evaluate the adaptation measures proposed by the consulting team for subsequent prioritization.


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Source: Factor