Factor reduces its GHG emissions a 28% and renews its accreditation as a carbon neutral company

29 July 2016 | Mitigation

Factor has recently obtained the renewal of the PAS 2060 accreditation, which certifies the company’s carbon neutrality. It has to be highlighted that, despite the growth experienced by the company in terms of commercial and productive activity, the organization has managed to reduce its greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions derived from its activity in 2015 a 28% from 2014 level, which corresponds to a 38% reduction from 2012 level (year of opening of the first offices outside Europe).


Factor calculates its carbon footprint yearly, aiming to monitor its impact on the climate. Once the total amount of generated emission is known, reduction measures are adopted and, afterwards, the emissions that have not been be reduced are compensated through the investment in an emission reduction project under Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) of the Kyoto Protocol. These emission reductions (Certified Emissions Reductions, CER), certified by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), will help finance a hydroelectric generation project in Mexico.


Besides, it has to be pointed out that in 2015 the organization had offices in Spain, Italy, Germany, Mexico and Thailand, all of them included in the performed calculation, and active projects in nearly a score of countries. This way, the calculation, reduction, and compensation of Factor’s carbon footprint accounts for the global activity of the group, from all its workplaces.


Since its constitution, the company yearly calculated its carbon footprint. More precisely, in the year 2011, it performed its first PAS 2060 declaration, becoming the first Spanish company to offset its emission under this standard. Therefore, Factor yearly offsets its contribution towards climate change and remains as a carbon neutral organization. 



Source: Own elaboration