Factor Trading participates in the informative event “CO2 Trading”

10 July 2019 | Markets | 2

Last week, the Factor Trading team represented by Eric Bernard, Corporate Trader, participated in the event “Desayunos de redacción – Observatorios” organized by the newspaper El Economista in the city of Madrid.

Representatives of companies such as Acciona and experts from institutions such as the Polytechnic University of Madrid, joined the event to talk about the importance of setting the price of carbon as one of the keys in the fight against climate change.

The objective of this encounter was to present the relevance of carbon markets, which assign a price to greenhouse gas emissions to redirect public and private investment towards production models that contribute to decarbonise the economy.

On his behalf, Eric Bernard, had an intervention in which he spoke about the importance of incentives for private companies to achieve a transition to a low carbon economy, as well as the performance of the emissions allowances market.

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Factor has been contributing ideas and services to climate change for more than 15 years, through a wide international network of offices and collaborators.



Source: Factor