Factor will carry out the project Urban Risk for the definition and calculation of climate risk in the urban environment in Spain

06 November 2018 | Adaptation

The occurrence of climate change is a fact accepted by the international scientific community and, at a global level, climate change adaptation is an issue that is gaining special relevance.

The field of climate change adaptation is still new, so the methodologies to be applied to estimate climate risk are complex and still require standardization. In this context, it is important to define methodologies that bring adaptation to climate change closer to those actors that require them in order to implement appropriate plans to increase the resilience of populations.

For this reason, Factor, with the support of the Biodiversity Foundation of the Ministry for Ecological Transition, is launching the project entitled Urban Risk. This project aims to increase the resilience of Spanish cities through knowledge of the climate risk that affects them.

For the definition of climate risk Factor will develop a methodology, easy to apply, through a computer tool for application at local level (urban environment), which will serve as a basis for the development of climate change adaptation plans in urban areas.

The specific objectives of the project, which will be carried out throughout 2018 and 2019, are:

  • To define a simple methodology that allows Spanish cities to assess their climate risk as a basis for implementing measures to adapt to climate change.
  • To develop a tool to analyze the climatic risk of the urban environment.
  • To increase the knowledge of climate risk in urban areas in Spain by disseminating the results of the project.


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Source: Factor