Factor will develop a full project proposal for the Adaptation Fund

03 September 2018 | Adaptation | 4

This past August, Factor's climate change team began the development of activities for the formulation of the Full Proposal of the Regional Project on Adaptation to Climate Change in Vulnerable Coastal Cities and Ecosystems of the Uruguay River. 

The proposal seeks resources from the Adaptation Fund for project implementation with the Latin American Development Bank (CAF) as the implementing agency.

The objective of the project is to generate resilience in the cities and vulnerable coastal ecosystems of the Uruguay River, both in Argentina and Uruguay, through the development of instruments, tools and experiences for the planning and implementation of adaptation, as well as the management of the impacts and risks of climate change and variability.

At the end of July, the Factor CO2 team carried out the first field mission, visiting the cities of Colón, Concordia, Concepción del Uruguay (Argentina) and Paysandú y Saltos (Uruguay). During this visit, the intervention areas were visited, and workshops were held with the people in charge in each country and with the population receiving the project.



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Source: Factor CO2