Kepa Solaun will contribute with his knowledge to promote the Law of Climate Change and Energy Transition before the Congress of Deputies

21 June 2017 | Adaptation

Today, Wednesday 21st  June 2017, Kepa Solaun, Partner and General Director of Factor CO2, will talk about the possible future legislative measures on Climate Change and Energy Transition for Spain, before the Commission for the Study of Climate Change of the Congress of The Deputies.

The Commission for the Study of Climate Change has participants from all political parties and aims to design a transverse law that addresses from a broad perspective the climate action in Spain and the energy transition to low carbon models.

The intervention of Kepa Solaun, one of the chosen experts to promote the Law, will include information on the regulatory frameworks in various countries for adapting to climate change and the different approaches that have been taken at the international level for the energy transition.

In the link below you can follow the live retransmission of the intervention that is expected to start at 17:00:



Factor is a group specialized in providing ideas and services in the face of climate change since 2004, through a wide international network of offices and collaborators.

We have extensive experience in advising both public and private clients, in understanding climate information and its implications.  We offer support in carrying out specialized studies on climate and vulnerability, as well as in the development of strategies and action plans for climate change adaptation.



Source: Factor CO2