Mombasa island (Kenya) threatened by climate change

21 June 2016 | Mitigation

Scientists in the country have put Mombasa residents on high alert over the possibility of the island submerging.

Speaking during a scientific conference in Mombasa, the scientists said major islands in Kenya and across the globe are at a risk of submerging owing to the ever increasing temperatures that emanate from the Ozone layer.

The scientists urged residents to plant more mangrove trees in wetlands and re-afforestate areas of utilization in a bid to reduce the effects of green house gases.

The experts said the move will counter the biting effects of global warming and climate change.

Professor John Onyari, a lecturer from the University of Nairobi, said a higher percentage of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and other green house gases are readily absorbed by the mangrove forests, which they utilize for photosynthetic processes.

"The moment carbon dioxide is emitted from motor vehicles, industrial activities and from homes, it blocks the infra-red rays and microwave radiations and this makes the gases bounce back to the atmosphere thus increasing the amount of heat. This leads to climate change and global warming,” said Proffessor Onyari.

Onyari also noted that the spirited efforts of planting forests especially mangroves will improve the livelihoods of residents, giving an example of the carbon trade which he said was thriving in Kwale County.


SOURCE: Hivisasa