New Zealand plans to use 100% renewable electricity by 2035

20 December 2019 | Mitigation

New Zealand Minister for Energy and Resources and Minister for Climate Change urged kiwis to have their say on two important environmental-related policy decisions to switch New Zealand to full renewable energy and solve the challenge of climate change.

The first of these policy proposals asked for feedback on proposed changes to the Emissions Trading Scheme to ensure major polluters paying their fair share and taking action to reduce emissions. As part of this, New Zealanders were also asked to share their views on a provisional emissions budget for the period 2021-2025.

Minister for Climate Change James Shaw said on Thursday that, "The more climate action we take, the closer we get to ensuring we leave behind a safe planet for our children and their future families. We all need to play our part to make this happen, especially our most polluting industries.

"Right now, we're working to reform the Emissions Trading Scheme to better translate our emission reduction targets into a predictable emission price. That will incentivize our biggest polluters to invest in the transition to a clean, green economy," James Shaw added.

"The Government is also consulting on a discussion document on plans to boost renewable energy generation and energy efficiency," said Megan Woods, the Minister for Energy and Resources.

"New Zealanders want a transition away from fossil fuels and towards home-grown clean energy. Currently, the cost of renewables is falling, making them cheaper than fossil fuels. That means increasing renewables will deliver lower energy costs, lower emissions and more jobs."

The ministers also mentioned that the government's ambition is to move New Zealand away from fossil fuels towards more solar, wind and other clean, renewable sources of energy, with view to meeting a goal of 100-percent renewable electricity by 2035.


Source: Xinhuanet