Outcomes of informal climate consultations in April in Paris

13 May 2016 | Mitigation

The COP21 presidency and the incoming Moroccan COP22 presidency have jointly published an aide-mémoire summing up the informal consultations held in Paris 15 and 16 April on the implementation of the Paris Agreement.

The meeting was chaired by French ambassador Laurence Tubiana and Moroccan ambassador Aziz Mekouar. The consultations were intended to provide an informal space to take stock of the tasks that need to be completed after Paris and to reflect on the road to Marrakech through the May UN Climate Change Conference in Bonn (16-26 May), and beyond COP22 to the entry into force of the Agreement and its full implementation.

Moreover, the French and Moroccan Presidencies issued a reflection note (available on the UNFCCC website), with support from the UNFCCC secretariat, that proposes ideas for the organization of work, both in Bonn and Marrakech.

COP21 President, Ségolène Royal, will open the proceedings in Bonn after chairing the COP Bureau meeting on 15 May, the day before the Bonn Climate Change Conference starts.


SOURCE: newsroom.unfccc.int