Pacific Islands imperiled by climate change

04 May 2016 | Adaptation

New Zealand expert James Renwick called for urgent action due to the impact of climate change in this country and other islands in the Pacific Ocean.

Professor Renwick, University of Victoria, said that the sea-level rise, the acidification of the oceans and the intensity of weather events present an alarming prospect.

The Pacific is the most affected region by climate change, despite its insignificant contribution to the problem, the expert said.

Professor Renwick recently led a research on the risks of climate change for small islands and indigenous communities.

This research contributed to the Outcome Statement of the university's Pacific Climate Change Conference, in which recommendations were made to the governments of the region on how to curb climate change.

Due to the warming of the oceans, tropical cyclones are common, as well as other natural disasters, which present an unprecedented intensity.

The sea level in the Pacific increases four times faster than the global average, pollutes groundwater and swallows habitable islets, which creates the new problem of climate refugees.


SOURCE: Prensa Latina