Scotland inaugurates world’s first floating wind farm

23 October 2017 | Mitigation

In international news, the world’s first floating offshore wind farm has been inaugurated 15 miles (25km) off the shore of Peterhead, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

Hywind – floating wind farm

Climate Action Programme explains that the pilot project includes 172- meters turbines positioned in water depths of up to 129 meters.

“Another innovative element of the Hywind Scotland project is that it will be linked to 1MWh Lithium battery storage solution for offshore wind energy.

“The innovative floating approach will allow wind farms to be developed in much deeper waters than conventional offshore wind farms, which are usually placed in water depths of up to 50 meters,” Climate Action Programme said.

A green mix

Minister Nicola Sturgeon said: “Scotland has developed an international reputation for modern, renewable energy technologies and Hywind Scotland – the world’s first floating wind farm – is a testament to that”.

She added: “Last month I set out our Programme for Government which made firm commitments to create a cleaner and greener Scotland, and the development of renewable energy is vital to achieving this”.



Source: Esi Africa