Sounds of melting icebergs inspire Climate Action

17 June 2016 | Mitigation

A novel public awareness initiative backed by the secretariat of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) to highlight the melting of the poles and to build momentum for the historic Paris Climate Change last year has won the prestigious German Online Communications Award 2016 in the public affairs category.

The central component of the campaign is to mix the sounds of melting icebergs with compositions of musicians to raise awareness about climate change. The resulting haunting sounds, reminiscent of whale songs, are audible online and were listened to by thousands of people ahead of the Paris Agreement and played an unusual role in the wide-ranging momentum of 2015.

Before being put online by public relations experts of the German communications agencies Serviceplan and Buzzin Monkey, who conceived the project, the sounds were recorded in the Antarctic Weddell Sea by scientists from the Alfred-Wegener-Institute.

Renowned musicians, producers and bands, including the Danish musician Trentemøller, contributed their compositions to the Iceberg Songs.

Nick Nuttall, spokesperson for the UNFCCC, said: “The extraordinary sounds recorded in this project are both thought-provoking and eerie, reminding me when I first heard them of animals in pain”. “I myself am an amateur musician and know that sounds and music can reach people's hearts as much as science and economics reaches their heads. The `Iceberg Songs´ are a very creative way of communicating to multiple audiences, some of whom may not ordinarily connect with climate issues, the urgency to act on climate change and to alter perspectives of what is happening to our world”, he added.


SOURCE: newsroom.unfccc.int