Summer courses: Transformation, Adaptation and Mitigation for a 1.5 degree Global Warming, July 8 – 10, in Bilbao

25 June 2019 | Markets

This year, from July 8-10, the 10th edition of the BC3-UPV/EHU Summer School on Climate Change will be held in Bizkaia Aretoa, Bilbao.

The Summer School has covered a wide range of topics from an interdisciplinary perspective and has closely followed the international negotiations on climate change.

This year the debate is spurred by the landmark report released on October 2018 by the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) stating that urgent action has to be taken in the next twelve years for global warming to be kept to a maximum of 1.5°C in order to avoid catastrophic environmental and economic consequences.

In recent years, the growing recognition of the need for rapid and substantial change to address global warming has led to the emergence of the concept of transformation. The scale of the challenge has generated terms such as The Great Transition and The Great Transformation, although we still lack a shared understanding amongst the very diverse social agents on what those changes will mean or require.

The summer school, which will feature presentations by different experts, has as its main objective to present the latest trends in transformation, adaptation and mitigation against climate change and to provide the tools designed to face a global temperature

The course will help you expand your knowledge and open up the dialogue about transitions and what it means to reshape the way in which people live and contribute to climate stabilization.


For more information on the course and registration, please visit the following link:




Source BC3 - Basque Centre for Climate Change