The Basque Government presents the report: Economic, social and environmental impact of the Basque Country Sustainable Bond 2018

06 June 2019 | Mitigation

This week the report "Economic, social and environmental impact of Basque Country Sustainable Bond 2018" was published by the Basque Government with the support of Metroeconomica experts.

The report evaluates the impact of the Basque Country Sustainable Bond 2018 from a double point of view. Firstly, the individual impact of each financed project has been evaluated using economic, social and environmental impact indicators. Secondly, the total impact of the bond on production (economic dimension), income and employment (social dimension) in the Basque Country was estimated using input-output tables (TIO).

Among the most relevant results of the report is that the Basque Country Sustainable Bond, whose 500 million euro issue took place one year ago, has allocated 338 million euros to social projects (67.58 %) and the remaining 162 million euros to green projects (32.42 %).

The Basque Country Sustainable Bond promotes the implementation of Agenda 2030 and the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The selection of programmes to be financed has been made by the Basque Government's Sustainability Bond Committee, made up of four representatives from the Treasury and Economy, and one representative from each of the departments of Economic Development and Infrastructures, Environment, Territorial Planning and Housing; Employment and Social Policies; Health and Education.

Furthermore, the report, developed by the Basque Government together with Metroeconomica, underlines that the impact on income and employment in the Basque Country achieved through the implementation of public policies financed with the Sustainable Bond has been remarkable. For the companies that have participated in the work required by the Basque administration, the economic impact has been 200 million euros of added value and, additionally, 8,400 jobs have been created.


In the following link you will find the complete report and more information on the matter:



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