The Urban Risk tool for the definition and calculation of climate risk in the urban environment is now available!

27 June 2019 | Adaptation

With the aim of improving knowledge about climate risk at municipal level, as well as developing a user-friendly tool for municipal technicians, Factor, with the support of the Fundación Biodiversidad, of the Ministry for Ecological Transition, has developed over the last year a methodology and a tool applicable to any Spanish municipality, Urban Risk.

The main strength of this methodology is that it is based on public data, which is updated periodically, so that it is possible to monitor the climate risk values of any municipality in Spain.

With the limitations of a tool that can be applied in the different local realities of Spain, Urban Risk makes it possible to obtain the first values on general climate risk at municipal level for today and for the end of the century, as well as a comparison with the Spanish average. It also provides the level of risk for different climatic threats, such as droughts, desertification, heat waves or rising sea levels, among others.


The tool will be available from 1 July. If you are interested in it and we can help you with its application, send an email to socialmedia@wearefactor.com and we will get in touch with you!


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Source: Factor