UN Announces Climate Change Skepticism is Over

05 September 2016 | Mitigation

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said on sunday that climate change scepticism is over, the day after the United States joined China to ratify the Paris agreement to curb climate-warming emissions.

Climate change skeptics dispute the widely held understanding that excessive levels of emissions in the atmosphere cause global warming and harm the environment, and have become increasingly side-lined at international summits.

"The debate over climate phenomenon is over scientifically and environmentally," said Ban, adding that the influence of climate change deniers or skeptics has waned.

1. Skeptics were never allowed to have any influence in the first place. This was never about science, but a political cult that excluded all other voices and evidence from the start.

2. Ban has a degree in Public Administration. He is the public face of an organization that has trouble with simple budgeting. 

3. Global Warming is actually getting to be shakier every year, which is why we have declarations like this coming out.


Fuente: FrontPage Mag