UNDP: Paris Agreement, a priority for Peru Congress

03 May 2016 | Mitigation

Ratifying the Paris Agreement on Climate Change must be deemed a priority by the Peruvian Congress, since it is essential for the country to continue growing and facing poverty, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) affirmed.

According to UNDP Deputy Resident Representative in Peru Edo Stork, climate change’s impact on Peru would account for 2.8%-3.9% of GDP. 

In this sense "it is essential to face it," he suggested.

The Paris Agreement —signed by Peru and over 170 nations at the United Nations Headquarters on April 22th— seeks to prevent the global temperature from rising well above 2 degrees Celsius, among other aspects.

The document must be ratified by parliaments before entering into force.

"It is crucial for the country’s economic growth, but also for fighting poverty given that poorest people will become the segment of society most affected by climate change. If new ways to adapt and lower impacts are sought, people will be also taken out of poverty," he told Andina news agency.

Accomplishing such goals will be good for the country. Thus, the economy will grow, higher productivity levels will be reached and job opportunities will be created for everyone.

He went on to add the country’s interest in hosting the Conference of the Parties (COP20) event, as it did in 2014, would denote the Paris Agreement ratification will be included among the national parliament’s agenda items.


SOURCE: andina.com